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Hearts in Harmony - Confidential Prevue, circa 1941?

July 3rd, 2008

"Hearts in Harmony" was a five day a week soap opera syndicated in the mid-West from 1941 into the 1950s.  The show was sponsored by grocery store chain, Kroger.  The story of the series is as old as drama itself - a young man from "the wrong side of the tracks" aspires to be a composer and falls in love with a young singer from "the right side of the tracks".  Drama, heartbreak and lots of music ensue.

This disc appears to be aimed at Kroger store managers or sales staff, introducing them to the show as it began it's run.  It includes an overview of the concept of the series, information on the personnel on the show, and a short excerpt of a program.  Don't miss one of the young composer's songs, "Let's Incorporate", sure to be a hit someday.

Our MP3 was transferred directly from a copy of the original 10" double-sided shellac disc.


  • Roberta Gail

    This is very interesting. I am the original first-born granddaughter of LAV owner, born in 1940, the same year he started the first radio station in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His name was Leonard Adrian Versluis SR, and I am seeing lots of places listing his middle name as Allen. His name was NOT Allen. LAV only had one son, who was named Leonard Adrian Versluis,JR. My father. They had 6 children, I am the oldest 1st named Roberta Gail Versluis. 2nd born Larry Arthur Versluis, 3rd born Linda Susan, 4th born, Leonard Alan Versluis, 5th born Martin Gary Versluis 6th born, Marjorie Lynn. Two boys both had LAV initials. My brother was spelled Alan, not Allen, and he wasn’t born until 1952. In 57-58 I drove my car around the circuit & visit the station anytime I wanted. Roberta

    Sep 22, 2008 at 9:09 pm
  • Grand Rapids DJ

    Keep this stuff comin’!

    Jan 13, 2010 at 7:30 pm