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Gracie Fields - Pgm 5

June 26th, 2009

Gracie Fields was a well-loved English-Italian actress and comedienne who first gained fame on stage and screen in her home country.  During World War II, because of her Italian citizenship, she chose to live in the United States since she would have been detained in Britain.  She spent the War years entertaining the troops and appearing here in the US.

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Originally broadcast on NBC as a summer replacement series for "Charlie McCarthy", here's an episode of the seldom heard "Gracie Fields" program of July 9, 1944.  In this episode, Jack Carson banters with Gracie about getting her started on a career in Hollywood and they do a sketch about an American boy calling on a British girl for a date.  Along with Gracie Fields and guest Jack Carson, we hear Lou Bring and His Orchestra and announcer Bill Goodwin.

The show was transferred from an original AFRS vinyl transcription.