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This week, we start a brief run of a comedy variety series, "Hollywood's Open House" that I'll be featuring in the blog on occasion in coming weeks.  Hosted by Jim Ameche, the program might remind you a bit of "The Big Show" - a mix of comedy, music and dramatic sketches.

transcription label

Program 30 in the series features guests Jan Murray, Phil Regan and Adele Astaire.  Regan and Astaire are heard in a little drama called "Interlude in Central Park".

There's a log of the series at that notes it was syndicated by NBC in 1947 and 48.  However, I've found discs for series on NBC/RCA's Orthacoustic label and, like this example, on the Columbia label.  Our episode was transferred from an original vinyl Kermit Raymond Corporation syndication transcription pressed by Columbia, matrix numbers YTNY-5895 and YTNY-5896.


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