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Guest Star, Pgm 18

March 21st, 2009 · Comments

We've heard the long-running public service series, "Guest Star", sponsored by the Treasury Department and promoting the sale of Savings Bonds, on the blog before.  This week, we investigate an early entry in the series when they would book more famous actors and comedians for the show.

transcription label

Program 18 of the series will be of interest to fans of the "Sherlock Holmes" radio series.  Guest Basil Rathbone and series announcer Kenny Delmar stage a comedy sketch about a famous detective and his not-too-bright assistant.  The show also features music by the Three Dollars with Denes Agay.  If the incomplete log of the series at otrsite is accurate, then this show would have dated from circa 1947.

The program was transferred from an original transcription pressed by RCA, matrix number ND7-MM-5435.


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Guest Star, Pgm 17

February 8th, 2009 · Comments

Up next on the blog is an early episode of the long-running Treasury Department public service series, "Guest Star" that promoted the sale of US savings bonds.

transcription label

In this show, Kenny Delmar plays host to Hildegarde who sings "Among My Souvenirs" and "My Belle Aime".  The Savings Bond Orchestra with Miklos Schwab as the piano soloist gives us a short piece based on themes by Paganini.

The mp3 was taken directly from a Treasury Department vinyl disc, matrix number ND7-MM-5434-1C, probably pressed by RCA/NBC.  The show is dated January 18, 1947 in the vinyl trail-off area, which likely indicates when it was recorded.


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Guest Star - 444 - Sept 25, 1955

July 31st, 2008 · Comments

Here's another episode of the popular Treasury Department public service program that ran for many years.  Program 444, originally broadcast the week of September 25, 1955, features Eartha Kitt backed by John Conte and Harry Sosnick and the Savings Bond Orchestra.

In the show, "Grenada"  and "Thine Alone" are performed by Sosnick and the orchestra and Eartha Kitt lends her unique voice to "C'est Si Bon".  She also does another number that I won't reveal here - I'll just let you listen to the show and be surprised by it.  It's not something you'd associate with Kitt's exotic image.

The program was transferred from an original Treasury Department vinyl transcription.  There's great sound in the show - a true hi-fi recording in near mint condition.


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Guest Star - Pgm 443, Sept 18, 1955, Portrait by Cupid with Vincent Price

July 23rd, 2008 · Comments

"Guest Star" was a series with hundreds of episodes released to radio stations in the 1940s and through the early 60s to promote the sales of US Savings Bonds.  The program is more well-known for musical guests, but, on occasion, an actor or comedian would be given a turn at the microphone.

In program 443, dated September 18, 1955, we hear Vincent Price in a short drama called "Portrait by Cupid" that involves a talented painter, counterfeiting and, of course, love.  It's not the best-known or best work in Price's long career, but it's fun to hear him in this setting.  The fifteen minute format didn't allow for much character or plot development, so the script is a little simplistic; that's probably why they didn't try this format often for the series.

The show, in near hi-fi quality, was transferred from an original Treasury Department transcription in almost mint condition.  This comes from a period when the discs were pressed extra-thin - if you saw it and you were a knowledgeable record collector, it might remind you of RCA's "dynaflex" albums from the 1970s.


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Treasury Star Parade - Pgm 254, Sept 11, 1943

May 23rd, 2008 · Comments

We heard another show in this series featuring Fibber McGee and Molly a few weeks ago on the blog. In this post, "Treasury Star Parade", program 254 from September 11, 1943. Produced by the Treasury Department to promote the sale of War Bonds during WWII, the series morphed into "Guest Star", which was used to promote US Savings Bonds well into the late 50s.

This episode features Freddy Martin and His Orchestra performing "Isn't It Love" with a vocal by Gene Walsh, "Holiday for Strings", and "In My Arms". The show also includes the radio premiere of a war-themed tune, "Bells of Victory", again with a vocal by Gene Walsh.


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Treasury Star Parade - Pgm 253

April 16th, 2008 · Comments

"Treasury Star Parade" was a fifteen minute program released to radio stations as a public service to promote the sale of War Bonds. The programs generally featured musical stars, but would occasionally have comedians or dramatic actors. The show was quite successful and was continued at least through the late 1950s as "Guest Star", promoting the sale of Savings Bonds.

This episode, program 253, was released for broadcast on September 10, 1943 and features Fibber McGee and Molly in a kind of "reduced" version of their half-hour sitcom. In the show, Molly and Doc Gamble try to get Fibber to water the lawn. It also has a song, "The Man in the Big Sombrero", by the Kings Men and Harlow Wilcox on board announcing. Don Quinn and Thelma Ritter were the writers.


Tags: music · comedy · Fibber McGee and Molly · Treasury Department · WW II related