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Phyl Coe Radio Mysteries, Pgm 7

February 13th, 2009 · Comments

I'd like to give a special acknowledgment to David Kiner for this week's mp3 transfer.  I recently arranged a trade for a couple of transcriptions with him and he generously threw in a digital transfer of the discs, complete with CEDAR processing.  Kiner sells high quality discs of old time radio material and you can find his cds at his ebay store.

transcription label

"Phyl Coe Radio Mysteries" is a distinctive series in many respects.  Marking the first appearance of a female detective, the show was syndicated in 1936 to about 250 radio stations and was structured for a unique sponsor promotional gimmick.  The show was sponsored by Philco and local dealers would give listeners a booklet to fill out clues from the mysteries for a chance at cash prizes.  Not only is the namesake detective ("Phyl" being short for "Phyllis") a sponsor tie in, but the show offered all kinds of opportunities for witnesses and suspects in the mysteries to casually listen to the radio and remark on great quality Philco sets and tubes!

In program 7 of the series, "Last Will and Testament", Phyllis is called in to solve a murder that centers around a will, a hat pin, and annoying relatives.  Even though we do find out the name of the killer, the complete details of how Phyl solves the mystery isn't revealed for purposes of the contest.  However, you can match your wits with one otr listener who has posted their possible solutions to the mysteries.

The show was transferred from an original World Broadcasting transcription and restored using CEDAR noise recution by David Kiner.  The matrix number of the disc is BB14924C1.


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Backstage Wife, August 13, 1947

February 1st, 2009 · Comments

"What is it like to be married to a famous star?"

That's the question the long-running classic soap opera, "Backstage Wife", tried to answer, following the trials and tribulations of Mary Noble and her actor husband, Larry.

In this episode, we're continuing a story line heard on the blog in January in this post.

Mary is living alone in their house in the country.   Husband Larry has gone back to New York, shocked that he found playwright Eric Jackson making a move on Mary.  Eric's scheme to produce his play at the summer playhouse is falling apart.  Meanwhile, Larry pays a visit to Regina, an atrractive woman that he hopes will back a new play he wants to star in.  I have a funny feeling that Backstage Wife Mary won't be happy about that, especially since his business meetings with Regina at a nightclub have made the gossip columns.

The show is sponsored by Energine Cleaning Fluid - "Keep it clean with Energine!"

Unfortunately, this show is a bit difficult to listen to.  Sorry for the surface noise on this one - the years hadn't been kind to this one of a kind lacquer, but it appears to be a lost episode of the series.  The mp3 was directly transferred from an original aircheck acetate transcription recorded from the NBC line by an unknown local affiliate.

I have a couple of more episodes from this period in the run of the show that I'll be posting in future weeks.


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Backstage Wife - July 3, 1947

January 2nd, 2009 · Comments

Now that we're in a great mood and ready to face the day with a smile, let's have some heartbreak and tears, courtesy of the long-running soap opera, "Backstage Wife", the program that attempts to answer the question, "What is it like to be married to a famous star?"

In the program of July 3, 1947, originally broadcast on NBC, playwright Eric Jackson, who has a hankering for Mary, is signing a deal to produce a play at a summer playhouse so he can be close to Mary.  What will Mary's husband Larry make of this?  The show is sponsored by Haley's M-O and Energine.

The program was transferred to digital directly from an original acetate line check made by an unknown local NBC affiliate; it includes the opening system cue.


Tags: drama · soap opera · women's issues

Miss Pinkerton, Inc. - Audition

December 6th, 2008 · Comments

We've had a thread running on the old time radio mailing list about this show, so I thought I'd go ahead and put up my copy of it.

"Miss Pinkerton, Inc" was a proposed series about Mary Vance, an aspiring law student who suddenly inherits her uncle's private detective agency, and is one of the few radio shows about female detectives.  The program features Joan Blondell and Dick Powell and probably dates from 1941.

transcription label

It would appear that the show never actually aired - it's too bad since the script is fun and there's great chemistry going on between Blondell and Powell.  I have to wonder if the creators of "Moonlighting", the 80s television series with Cybyll Sheppard and Bruce Willis were inspired by it.  It's unknown how this audition show came about and whether it was proposed as a full network or regional network series or something for syndication.

The program was transferred from an original vinyl transcription pressed by Radio Recorders, matrix numbers RR 7499 and RR 7500D.  A member of the old time radio mailing list has a copy of part two of the show with matrix number RR 7500 - on that disc there's a flubbed telephone sound effect.  So there may be two different performances of the second half of the show in existence (or the engineers may have made a dub of the flubbed performance and inserted the corrected sound effect).

By the way, Goldin lists a twenty minute "closed circuit advertiser's presentation" with this title dated 1942 but with a different plot.  It's likely a second try at an audition for the series.


Tags: drama · women's issues

Joyce Jordan MD – July 3, 1947

October 30th, 2008 · Comments

Can a woman doctor be a woman … and a doctor … at the same time?

That’s the question asked by "Joyce Jordan, MD", a daily soap that ran on NBC in the 1940s. In this post, a previously lost episode of the series, originally broadcast July 3, 1947.

As we join our story in progress with this July 3, 1947 episode, sponsored by Dreft and their snappy little jingle, there are several problems in store for our lead character. An old enemy is headed for New York to work for a newspaper to take her revenge on Joyce. Joyce’s foster son is on the brink of running away from home. But, the most immediate problem is that the mother of Joyce’s boyfriend, Dawson, is plotting to keep them apart and marry the poor boy to some nurse that is Joyce’s arch-enemy at the hospital. Dawson has been recuperating from some kind of accident that has him paralyzed and Joyce hopes to help him walk again. But, Dawson’s mother has arranged to take him away from the hospital. What will Joyce do to help Dawson?

Our fifteen minutes of heartbreak, tears, and grouchy female doctor sidekick that sound like they have a three pack a day smoking habit was transferred from an original Audiodisc acetate; the show was recorded by an unknown local station from their NBC network line.

Sorry – there’s no picture of the label on this one since it’s an acetate with just some grease pencil notations of the name of the show and the date.


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Laura Lawton – Sept. 3, 1947

October 30th, 2008 · Comments

What does it mean to be married to one of the richest and most attractive men in the world?

Well, we probably won’t be asking Melinda Gates about that, but we might get some insight from "Laura Lawton", a soap opera broadcast on NBC in the 1940s. The series looks at "the conflict between love and riches in a world everyone dreams of – but where so few dreams come true".

Sounds like a reality tv show on MTV, doesn’t it?

From September 3rd, 1947, we offer this episode, brought to you by Bab-O Cleanser, where Gail deals with her sister-in-law, who is putting a plan in motion that may mean Gail’s downfall. And, yes, all the scheming and high drama going on with these people does sound much like a modern day reality tv show. They should all be voted off the island.

The show was transferred from an original Audiodisc acetate recorded from the NBC network line by an unknown local station, probably for time-shifting purposes during Daylight Savings Time or a similar purpose. (There's no label to post a picture of this time around.)


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