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American Family Robinson - New Series - Pgm 52

May 7th, 2010

Well, a couple of weeks ago we finished up our run of "American Family Robinson", a serial from the mid-1930s sponsored by the National Industrial Council (aka the National Association of Manufacturers).

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This week we start looking at a "New Series" based on the characters.  The original "American Family Robinson" was pretty successful for the NAM.  Sponsored by local business and Chambers of Commerce, it ran on over 300 stations.  By 1940, however, there were a new set of government policies and a looming war that were on the minds of the country.  So NAM brought back the Robinsons, following up on them in a series that was more polished and subtle than the previous series.

My coverage of this series is a little more spotty, but the fifteen shows I'm posting in coming weeks should give you an idea of how the series developed.  My thanks to the Old Time Radio Researchers group, which provided most of these transcriptions for my collection.

In the New Series, Mr. Robinson is no longer a newspaper editor, but is managing his Aunt Agatha's store.  Mrs. Robinson has become a radio personality with a marriage advice program.  But, Luke is unhappy - his wife's work is taking so much time that he's feeling neglected.  In Program 52, for release week of July 21, 1940, Luke stops by a local cafe to talk about his troubles and this whole "equal rights for women" trend.

The show was digitized from an original vinyl transcription pressed NBC Orthacoustic, matrix number MS 051683-1A.