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American Family Robinson - Pgm 85

April 19th, 2010

With this week's blog post, we come to the end of our weekly look at "American Family Robinson", a series syndicated in the 1930s by the National Industrial Council (actually the National Association of Manufacturers) as a propaganda effort against liberal New Deal policies.

transcription label

In program 85, Gus is dealing with the many people that want to separate him from his new-found inheritance.  The show was digitized from an original acetate World Broadcasters Inc transcription, matrix number BB11487A2.

I'll give you a bit of a break next week from the Robinsons, but they'll be returning soon in a few episodes I have of a so-called "New Series" of "American Family Robinson" that was produced by the National Association of Manufacturers just before World War II.  These are a bit lighter on the propaganda and some are quite well written little dramas as the family deals with how preparing for the War impacts their lives.