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Anniversary program - WLAV, Grand Rapids, Michigan - 1950

May 25th, 2008

This program was originally posted on my personal blog a few months ago before this podcast and blog were started. To gather all my radio shows in one location, I'm transferring the program here.

Here's another local radio rarity from my collection of wires. This is a program that appears to have been created for a private party by the staff of radio station WLAV on the occaision of the stations tenth anniversary. The program is a dramatized version of the story of the station that pokes fun at WLAV's founder and owner, Leonard Allen Versluis.

WLAV was located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is now WBBL, which broadcasts a sports-talk format. The show references the American Broadcasting Company, so I'm assuming they were an affiliate at the time of the anniversary.

I contacted the station about the recording, but, with the changes in management over the past fifty-plus years, they didn't know anything about it. They wanted a copy for their collection and I sent it to them; they sent back some WBBM memorabilia, such as a frisbee and t-shirt.

As you listen to the show, not that the sound levels vary - it gets louder as the show progresses. Also note that, at about the 1:45 mark, part of the audio is missing. You hear some scratch and pops, so I think this may have been directly dubbed from a long-lost acetate of the show.