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Backstage Wife, August 13, 1947

February 1st, 2009

"What is it like to be married to a famous star?"

That's the question the long-running classic soap opera, "Backstage Wife", tried to answer, following the trials and tribulations of Mary Noble and her actor husband, Larry.

In this episode, we're continuing a story line heard on the blog in January in this post.

Mary is living alone in their house in the country.   Husband Larry has gone back to New York, shocked that he found playwright Eric Jackson making a move on Mary.  Eric's scheme to produce his play at the summer playhouse is falling apart.  Meanwhile, Larry pays a visit to Regina, an atrractive woman that he hopes will back a new play he wants to star in.  I have a funny feeling that Backstage Wife Mary won't be happy about that, especially since his business meetings with Regina at a nightclub have made the gossip columns.

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Unfortunately, this show is a bit difficult to listen to.  Sorry for the surface noise on this one - the years hadn't been kind to this one of a kind lacquer, but it appears to be a lost episode of the series.  The mp3 was directly transferred from an original aircheck acetate transcription recorded from the NBC line by an unknown local affiliate.

I have a couple of more episodes from this period in the run of the show that I'll be posting in future weeks.