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Backstage Wife - August 8, 1947

May 16th, 2009

Well, we come to the last episode in my collection of "Backstage Wife", a fun little fifteen minutes of heartbreak and tears.  It's unfortunate I don't have any more shows in the series, since this one's a real doozy and I wonder how the story turned out for poor Mary.

"Backstage Wife" asks the question, "What is like to be married to a famous star?"  In this episode, dated August 8, 1947, it must be pretty lousy since Larry has decided to leave Mary.  The show may contain what may be the worst written and acted child part I've ever heard in an old time radio show, as Mary and Larry's son tries to figure out what's going on with mom and dad.  No, this isn't Fanny Brice playing "Baby Snooks".  This appears to be a previously lost program in the series.

This show continues a storyline we heard in the following episodes previously on the blog, if you'd like to hear others in this others in the series from this period:

The program was transferred to digital from an original lacquer line check made at an unknown local NBC station, possibly for time shifting or other purposes, and includes the opening system cue.  I've obtained several discs of NBC network shows made at the same station during the summer of 1947.