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Backstage Wife - September 3, 1947

March 15th, 2009

Again we drop in on Mary Noble, struggling through life answering the question, "What's it like to be married to a famous Broadway star?"

In this show from September 3, 1947, Mary and her husband Larry go to the apartment of Regina to talk with her about dropping out of a play that Regina is backing.  It seems that Barnwell, the producer of the play, is suing Larry, dragging his name through the mud, and he wishes to bow out of the play to save Regina embarrassment.  This short series of various shows we've heard on the blog over the past couple of months, taken from the storyline revolving around the production of a play, have been a real mess for Larry and Mary that gets worse as things go along.  If acting is this much trouble, perhaps Larry should take up another profession.

The program was sponsored by Energine and original broadcast on NBC.  Our mp3 was transferred directly from a line check acetate recorded at a local NBC station, probably for time-shifting purposes.