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Bobby Hammack - Pgm 213

July 10th, 2012

Well, let's get this series of posts started with some nice up-tempo jazz from the Bobby Hammack Quartet, a quarter-hour of live, in-studio music originally heard on the ABC radio network.  Here's program 213 of the series as it was heard on the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service.  The first tune is "Mountain Greenery".


As I mentioned in a previous post of this series, Hammack played in several bands over the years and worked for ABC-Parmount Records from 1958 to 1963 as a musical director.  Fans of lounge music will likely enjoy his original composition in the show, "Wind on the Dune".

The transfer of this previously lost show is from an original microgroove AFRTS transcription.  There's no date on the matrix, but I'm guessing it's from somewhere around 1958-1960, based on the contents of the other shows on the same disc.