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Claudia - Audition

February 22nd, 2009

This week, we feature a guest post from fellow otr collector Daniel Sears who shares a rare 78 rpm record set with us containing an "audition" for the soap opera "Claudia".  Daniel is the Creative Director for GrumpyFILMS, inc in New York.

Many thanks for the show and blog post - I hope we can hear more from Daniel's collection in coming weeks. - Randy

"They saw...they met...they married each other. Six whole weeks ago."

So goes the intro for this audition episode of "Claudia", the well-known daytime serial sponsored by "your friendly neighbor who bottles Coca-Cola."

This audition program, however, seems to take plot points and parts of scripts that would later be broadcast across several episodes and squishes them together into one 15-minute program.

78 disc set label

In this visit with Claudia and David, we hear the craziness that ensues when David has to get up early for an appointment in Connecticut, and he discovers what Claudia has done to his socks and his breakfast. Later, Claudia goes shopping for a dog with her mother, and in the third segment we see what happens when David comes home and discovers what kind of dog Claudia has bought.

Looking at the radioGOLDINdex, my guess would be that parts of this script would later be used in programs broadcast on 9/30/47 ("Waking Up Early"), 10/13/47 ("Claudia Ruins Breakfast"), and 10/14/47 ("Claudia Buys David a Big Dog"). However, I was not able to find postings of these episodes online to confirm that.

The broadcast episodes of "Claudia" featured Kathryn Bard and Paul Crabtree, with Joe King announcing. Comparing this recording with snippets found online, it sounds like Ms. Bard is the only one also found on here. No cast list is announced, so does anyone have any guesses as to who the other actors are? Maybe the actor playing David didn't make the final cast because of the couple of goofs he makes...

This file was transfered directly from a pair of vinyl 78 rpm discs with great maroon/brown marbeled vinyl. The surface noise gets a little thick in spots, but I hope you'll enjoy this rare program.


  • Dr. OTR

    First Generation Radio Archives acquired a complete run on Claudia — enough for at least 10 of their 40-episode sets. They released two sets, which my wife and I both really enjoy. It’s a very unusual show in that it’s a comedy, but not a gutbuster, punch-line oriented one. In fact, most of what appears on the show could easily happen in real life (unlike most serials). It looks like sales have been slow, though, because FGRA hasn’t released any new sets in quite some time. This show deserves to be heard!

    I’ll have a listen to the pilot and see if you deductions about which scripts were used is correct.

    Feb 23, 2009 at 4:28 pm
  • Dr. OTR

    I’ve just listened to this episode. First of all, it’s very disconcerting to hear a familiar program with the “wrong” voices. The casting in “Claudia” (as broadcast) was nigh unto perfect, but it’s a different set of actors in the audition disc. I’m not sure if I’d enjoy the show that much if these guys had stayed with it. Claudia and Momma sound similar to the actors they eventually used (though they’re both somewhat shriller), but David is completely different!

    This episode is a compressed version of the 11th and 12th episodes of the broadcast series. Here are the descriptions from the FGRA site (http://www.radioarchives.org/sets/PC59.htm):

    The First Quarrel (#11) The new bathroom is too small. Claudia’s breakfast is a disaster. And David’s razor blade has been used to scrape loose paint. All add up to the makings of a really good quarrel, but Claudia has a solution: buy a really big dog! Monday, October 13, 1947 - 15:00 - Syndicated, sponsored by Coca Cola

    Dog Days (#12) Claudia visits the pet shop to pick out a surprise for David: Major, a dog that turns out to be a 150-pound monster. But that doesn’t discourage Claudia and, when David comes home to find Major waiting for him, he instantly falls in love. But…will the downstairs neighbors feel the same way about the animal as David does? Tuesday, October 14, 1947 - 15:00 - Syndicated, sponsored by Coca Cola

    Incidentally, Claudia derives from a series of novels by Rose Franken, which were transferred into a long-running Broadway play, and eventually a pair of films. I bought my wife the first two books in the series, which she really enjoyed. I’ve enjoyed the radio series so much I may give the books a try myself, even though they’re not the kind of stuff I usually read.

    Mar 23, 2009 at 8:29 pm
  • Mark

    Hey, I cleaned up the MP3 file of this audition show and removed a fair chunk of the hiss. The file is hosted on my site if you want to download it and check it out / use it.


    Aug 30, 2010 at 5:35 am