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Comedy Caravan - Pgm 19

December 24th, 2009

For your holiday enjoyment, we now offer some Christmas comedy, courtesy of the "Jimmy Durante and Garry Moore Show".

Broadcast as "Comedy Caravan" on Armed Forces Radio and marked as program 19 in the network's Christmas series, the show was probably originally broadcast on CBS on December 21, 1945.  The main sketch has Durante and Moore operating a zoo and looking for a six-legged octopus.  Moore also does his version of "White Christmas".

transcription label

This appears to be a previously lost episode of the series and finding it was a treat for me since I've always enjoyed Durante and Moore's program.  However, it can be hard to tell sometimes with AFRS shows of this period - it could have been assembled from other Durante-Moore shows just for the AFRS holiday programming schedule.

The show was transferred from an original AFRS vinyl transcription; the date is from the transcription matrix.  The original is the worse for wear and has gone through click reduction to make it more listenable.


  • S Jansen

    A great listen while wrapping gifts! Moore’s “As long as I’m in here, I’ll just hand it to you.” made me laugh/laff/guffaw…the kind of stuff the Firesigner’s would have lifted. THANKS!

    Dec 25, 2009 at 9:52 am
  • Dr. OTR

    This may be assembled using the 12/22/44 Durante/Moore program, which has a six-legged octopus segment. I just listened to that about 2 weeks ago. It contains at least two gags there were repeated verbatim in the 12/13/45 Abbott and Costello broadcast. Both shows were sponsored by Camel, and perhaps they had the same writers, who figured nobody would remember hearing the same jokes a year apart. So either the AFRS assembled this program using the 1944 program as a source, or Durante/Moore repeated the octobus bit in 1945. I’ll have to give them both a listen to compare.

    Thanks for finding this! Durante is one of my favorites — he always makes me laugh!

    Dec 28, 2009 at 3:16 pm