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Great Scenes from Great Plays - Pgm 12

July 1st, 2009

"Great Scenes from Great Plays" was a dramatic half-hour program syndicated by the National Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church.  Using some of the top stars and performers of the day, the shows are well-produced entertainment that might remind you of shows like "Academy Award" or "Lux Radio Theater".

transcription label

In celebration of the July 4th holiday, we offer program 12 in the series, "Young Mr. Lincoln", starring Henry Fonda.  The play focuses on Lincoln's famous defense of two brothers accused of murder where a certain little book provides a vital clue in the trial.  The program includes some simple announcements at the end to encourage you to attend church next Sunday.

The show was transferred from an original vinyl transcription set pressed by Columbia, matrix numbers YTNY 10214 and YTNY 10215.

A special tip of the hat to blog listener Michael Utz for his donation of this disc to may collection.