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Harlem Hospitality Club - AFRS Pgm 11

September 27th, 2008

Here's a rare of example of otr by and for African-Americans.  "The Harlem Hospitality Club" was originally broadcast on Saturdays at 2:00 pm from the Savoy Ballroom in New York on the Mutual network.  The program was hosted by Willie Bryan and features the Lou Mel Morgan trio.  The show is a fascinating mix of live rhythm and blues performances and audience participation.  I've never seen the show in circulation and have heard of only one other collector that has a couple of shows in the series.

Program number 11 in the series as it was rebroadcast by the Armed Forces Radio Service features guest vocalists Little Miss Cornshucks and Amanda Randolph.  Songs include "Keep Your Hands on Your Heart", "All of Me" and others.

During the program, Bryant interviews the following audience members:

  • Zella Carter from Mackenzie, Tennessee
  • Andy Addison from Atlantic City and Leroy Johnson from New York, two cooks who discuss whether women are better at cooking than men
  • June Williams of Newport, Vermont, who is studying psychology
  • a woman from Williamsburg, Virginia who is 76 years old
  • Elizabeth Singleton from Snow Hill, South Carolina, about cooking Southern BBQ pig.

The program was transferred from original vinyl AFRS transcription.  I have one other program in the series I'll be posting soon.