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Hollywood’s Open House - Pgm 42

February 14th, 2010

This week, I'd like to send out a special Valentine's Day greeting to M. Stipe and her partner, D. Watson, who arranged with me to get this disc of "Hollywood's Open House" transferred to digital.  She's had the disc for 14 years with no way to play it and Mr. Watson arranged for the transfer as something of a Valentine's Day present.

transcription label

Unfortunately, the mail's running a little slow - the disc and an audio cd of the program are in the mail and on its way - so we have to arrange for this Internet greeting for Valentine's Day.

We've had a few episodes of "Hollywood's Open House" on the blog in recent months, but it turns out the disc contains a previously lost episode of the series with something a bit unusual.

Program 42 features guest stars Lew Parker and Lucille Ball.  Lew drops in during the first half of the show to do some stand-up comedy while Lucy, in the second half, tackles something a little different from her usual showbiz work - a dramatic sketch.  As usual for the series, smooth-toned Jim Ameche is our host and Ray Bloch and His Orchestra provide the music.

The show was transferred from an original General Entertainment Corp vinyl transcription, matrix numbers GEC HOH 142-A and GEC HOH 142-B.

Thanks to both of you for sharing the disc - Happy Valentine's Day!