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Hollywood’s Open House - Pgm 50

January 10th, 2010

I've got a few episodes of "Hollywood's Open House", a nicely produced syndicated variety show hosted by Jim Ameche, that I'll be putting up on the blog periodically.

transcription label

Program 50 in the series is dated to November 18, 1948, according to a log at otrsite.com.  Ray Bloch and the orchestra kick off the show with "Five Minutes More".  Guest Bert Lahr does different segments in the show based around gags where he's going to night school.  Vocals on some of the songs are by Diane Courtney and Danny O'Neil.

Our show was transferred from original Kermit-Raymond Corporation syndication vinyl transcription pressed by Columbia, matrix numbers YTNY 6445 and YTNY 6446.