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Louie’s Hungry Five - Pgm 301 - September 30, 1931

January 18th, 2017

First up in the blog this week, our next episode of the early 1930s radio comedy serial, “Louie’s Hungry Five”.

The show looks at the misadventures of the “Little German Band” and was developed by WGN after the success of “Amos n’ Andy”.  The series features Henry “Hank” Moeller as the group’s leader, Herr Louie Hasenpfeffer, Harold “Hal” J. Giles as his sidekick, the Weasel and unknown actors portraying Emil, Yohannis and Fritz.  You can see my first post about the show for more information about the series.

In program 301, originally broadcast September 30, 1931, the boys are preparing an auction to fund their trip to South America.  However, they haven’t told their girlfriends and have to figure out how to hide the auction from them.  As they say, complications ensue.

You can see the original cue sheet used by the local announcer for this episode by downloading this jpeg file.

This show was transferred from two 12” 78 rpm Columbia Sound-On-Disc shellac transcriptions, matrix numbers 233255 and 233256.  I have a total of about twenty consecutive episodes of the series I’ll be posting over the coming weeks.