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Mr. District Attorney - August 4, 1944

October 3rd, 2008

In this post, "Mr. District Attorney", originally broadcast on August 4, 1944, and heard as program 15 in the Armed Forces Radio Service series "Mystery Playhouse".  The DA investigates a case where a dishonest lawyer plots to murder two eccentric old ladies.

"Mystery Playhouse" was a kind of "catch-all" series for different mystery and detective shows, but primarily consisted of episodes of "Molle Mystery Theater".  Peter Lorre acts as host for the AFRS version of the show and it includes a preview of next week's program, which, to my ears, sounds like it might be an episode of "Inner Sanctum".

This episode, though listed in the Goldin index, doesn't appear to be circulating among otr enthusiasts.  It was transferred from an original AFRS vinyl transcription.