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Peter Potter’s Platter Parade excerpt - unknown date

February 2nd, 2017

Here’s a little five minute curiosity.  I obtained some “throw away” lacquers that originally came from KFWB in Los Angeles dating from the late 1940s.  Among the discs were some that appeared to be tests where engineers were recording short snippets of program material on the cutters.

Among the clips was this five minute excerpt of “Peter Potter’s Platter Parade”, a two-hour disc jockey show carried on the station.  The clip comes from the end of the broadcast and includes part of “Roseroom”, performed by Johnny Kirby, Potter’s theme song, the KFWB station id promoting the Hitchcock movie “Under Capricorn”, a transcribed High Ten detergent commercial, and a time check.

“Under Capricorn” was released in September 1949, so this excerpt probably dates from late that year.

Our mp3 was transferred from an original sixteen inch Audiodisc lacquer - there were no markings on the label area.  The other cuts on the disc were just music excerpts of various types and had no announcements or other identifying information.