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Showtime - AFRS Pgm 296 - April 7, 1947

September 12th, 2008

"Showtime" was an Armed Forces Radio Series series that would take different forms.  Sometimes, it would be more of a "disc jockey" program with show-tunes, at other times it would rebroadcast radio programs based on stage or screen musicals.

In this offering, a half-hour condensation of an episode of "Lux Radio Theater" originally broadcast on CBS on April 7, 1947 of "Alexander's Ragtime Band".  The show features Tyrone Power, Dick Haines, Margaret Whiting and Al Jolson as himself.  It's a good example of how AFRS engineers could skillfully edit material from acetate transcriptions into a seamless program - it's a breezy, tune-filled program.

The episode was transferred from an original AFRS transcription.