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The Adventures of Frank Farrell - Audition Program

August 13th, 2008

Here's another rare old time radio series, "The Adventures of Frank Farrell", syndicated by the Russell C. Comer Company, Kansas City and probably dating from the 1940s.

In this Audition program, which isn't in circulation among otr enthusiasts, the local commercials are replaced by a pitch to potential advertisers about the great increase in sales that can happen when you sponsor "Frank Farrell".  The pitch also emphasizes the good, clean "all American" characters and notes that the show is "free from horror, shock, the supernatural and the abnormal".  But it's still exciting! (At least that's what the announcer tells us.)

The program itself is from later in the series; the plot involves Frank getting held up from playing in the big basketball game by the coach's arch-nemisis who hired goons to kidnap him and move all of his furniture out of his house! (Don't ask.)

I have a big tolerance for a wide range of old time radio programming and can find something entertaining and interesting about everything I've posted on the blog, even the "Sports Answer Man".  However, "Frank Farrell" has to be some of the worst scripting and acting I've run into.

The show reminds me a great deal of kids shows on PBS and Nickelodeon that are heavy on life lessons, role models and one dimensional characters.  "Farrell" seems to have been written by adults "talking down" to kids, thinking they knew how students talk or act.  I swear, if Spud, the goofy sidekick in the show, were in my high school, I'd be very suspicious - how sounds like he's in his mid-thirties and suffering from arrested development.  I feel sorry for kids exposed to this kind of non-entertainment.

Well, enough of my editorializing.  The show was transferred from an original vinyl transcription from the Russell C. Comer Company, matrix number C-9537.  Unfortunately (for me) or perhaps fortunately (for you, if you're interested in this show), I've got two other non-circulating episodes going up on the blog in a couple of weeks.