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The Adventures of Frank Farrell - Pgm 2

August 27th, 2008

For completists only, we continue our look at vapid children's programming, circa the 1940s, with uncirculated program 2 of "The Adventures of Frank Farrell", syndicated by the Russell C. Comer Company of Kansas City.  Frank's altercation with the school's bully Tony in the previous program is the talk of the town in episode 2.  We also learn that Jim, the son of the town banker, is mixed up with some of Tony's "bad" friends from the big city.

Transferred from an original Russell C. Comer vinyl transcription with no matrix number, this is the last program in the series in my collection.

One interesting note about the discs from this series.  Usually, if a program was syndicated and had space for a commercial at the beginning, they would play a music bed for the announcer to talk over or begin the next segment of the program in a new band on the disc.  Not so with this one - they recorded the brief opening and a long passage of silence for the commercial.  In episode one, the commercial break is about 1:15; in program two, it's more or less 1:30.  If I were a staff announcer or engineer, I'd be annoyed to no end, since it doesn't give you a good way to time or pace your commercial.

Enough with this dreadful series - let's move on to something more interesting.