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The Adventures of Frank Race - Pgm 23

April 28th, 2009

This week's episode of "The Adventures of Frank Race" is the first in the series with Paul Dubov in the title role.  Dubov, would carry on through the conclusion of the series, replacing Tom Collins.  Dubov has an extensive list of credits at radiogoldindex.com; his acting career on radio spanned from 1940 through the 1970s with bit parts on many popular series including "Gunsmoke" and "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar".

transcription label

Program 23 in this series, "The Adventure of the Green Dubloon", has Race investigating a case near the Panama Canal that involves a former radio actor who is a master of dialects, but has since become an accountant.

The show, originally recorded circa 1949 and syndicated throughout the 1950s, was transferred from an original Bruce Eells and Associates red vinyl transcription set, matrix numbers UR-149421 AU-6 and UR-149422 AU-6