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The Adventures of Frank Race - Pgm 25

May 9th, 2009

We dive once again into the syndicated adventures of that tough-guy insurance investigator who always seems to get into a good fist-fight each week, Frank Race, as we run through the episodes in the syndicated series in the order they were originally broadcast.

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This week, program 25 in the series, "The Adventure of the Diver's Loot".  Frank Race, played by Paul Dubov, is in London with his taxi driver sidekick Mark Donovan and is called in to investigate the death of a child who was on a boat during a commercial salvage operation.  It's another example of how the leftover business of the War, in this case the clean up of sunken ships and junk in harbors, was brought into the series.

The show was transferred from an original set of red vinyl transcriptions from Bruce Eels and Associates, matrix numbers U-150103 A-1 and U-150104 A-1.