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The Adventures of Frank Race - Pgm 27

May 22nd, 2009

"It was a dark and stormy night!"

Well, Frank Race doesn't say those words, but that's pretty much how this week's episode of "The Adventures of Frank Race" starts out.

In our weekly visit to this syndicated show recorded circa 1949, we're up to program 27, "The Adventure of the Brooklyn Accent", where Race and his sidekick cab driver are on a case off the coast of Georgia, but no one seems to have a Southern accent.  One of the non-Southern voices you'll recognize is Frank Lovejoy, soon to be the star of his own NBC series, "Night Beat".

transcription label

The show was transferred from an original Bruce Eels and Associates red vinyl transcription set, matrix numbers UR-151253 N-6 and UR-151254 N-6.  By the way, you may notice the abrupt ending of the show - as the organ music starts fading out, the groove just ends on the original transcription.