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The Dennis Day Show - AFRS Pgm 185

September 18th, 2008

This week, I'm offering up another rarity that I haven't been able to dig up much information on.  It's the "Dennis Day Show", distributed as program 185 in the series by the Armed Forces Radio Service.

You may be familiar with Dennis Day from his appearances on the "Jack Benny Show" and you may have heard a sitcom that ran in the late 1940s featuring Day that's sometimes called "A Day in the Life of Dennis Day".  This program, however, is from a musical variety series done by Dennis Day in the mid-1950s.  I recently found this episode, along with two others in this series and a previously lost 1946 episode of the "Dennis Day Show" in a group of discs I purchased from another collector.

In program 185 in the series, the guests are Mel Blanc and Patty Andrews.  Dennis sings "It's a Grand Night for Singing" and Blanc performs "I Tawt I Taw a Putty Tat".  The main comedy sketch is a parody that looks at what radio would sound like in Ireland and includes satires of "Dragnet" and "Old Doctor Malone".

The show may have been on June 19, 1955, a date which is noted on the disc label; the content of the programs does definitely date it to 1954 or 1955.  Does anyone have information on this series and which network it was broadcast on?

The show as transferred from a set of original vinyl AFRS transcription discs.  The other two episodes from the series, along with other finds, will be going on the blog soon.


  • Al

    As is widely known, the Dennis Day Show (aka A Day in the Life of Dennis Day) ran from Oct. 3, 1946 to June 30, 1951 and had a few different format changes along the way.

    But several years ago I obtained a show where it was more musical, and it sounded to me like it was post 1951. I did some research and the only thing I could dig up was that the latest known date for a Dennis Day show is 1953. No other info, and haven’t found anything since….until this show. Thanks for this!

    It’d be great if someone somewhere could provide a little more information about this.

    Sep 19, 2008 at 9:14 pm
  • Richard Cohen

    Seems as though (as you may already know by now) that particular Dennis Day Show had its premiere Sunday Sept. 19, 1954 with guests Jimmy Durante and Rosemary Clooney 5:30-6:00 pm eastern — this per the New York Times radio listings (online scans at http://www.jjonz.us/RadioLogs). Last listing I saw for the show at that time was Mar 13, 1955, and I’d guess that was the end of it, but don’t really know. Ran on WNBC in New York (call-letters changed to WRCA the following month) — anyway, an NBC program (the jjonz Chicago scans indicate the premiere was also heard on WMAQ, but I’m not sure they continued to carry it; likewise I couldn’t find listings in jjonz’s west-coast logs — of course I could have missed it. Thanks for your very interesting website.

    Dec 3, 2008 at 5:41 pm