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The Grantland Rice Story - Pgm 39

July 10th, 2010

This week's episode of "The Grantland Rice Story", narrated by Jimmy Powers, features a bit of a goof.

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Powers starts off the show saying that we're going to hear the second part of a story about Gene Tunney that was started last week - but, no, last week was about "The Man Who Hates to Lose" and there's no first part of the story unless you count GRS-5, which dealt with the famous Dempsey-Tunney fight.

"Gene Tunney-2nd Installment", program GRS 39 in the series, deals with Tunney's career as a fighter and Tunney himself shows up as a guest to reflect on Rice and his career.

The shows in the series running on the blog were transferred from an original RCA Thesaurus 12" set of transcriptions; the matrix number for GRS-39 is F7-MR-5088-1.