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The Jack Smith-Margaret Whiting Show - Christmas Seals 1951

December 11th, 2008

Jack and Margaret do a fast-paced review of music and patter, mostly dealing with the holidays.  Songs include Margaret's rendition of "Moonlight in Vermont" and "I Am Loved".  The program sounds as though it might have been assembled from another radio show.

transcription label

"Smilin'" Jack Smith hosted a radio show in the late 1940s and appeared in a couple of films - "Make Believe Ballroom" and "On Moonlight Bay".  Later, he was the host of "You Asked for It" on television.  Margaret Whiting's heydey was the 1950s, when she recorded for Capital Records.  When she was age 55, she married Jack Wrangler.  (The Wikipedia article on Wrangler has some curious tidbits about their relationship, if you're interested in some celebrity salaciousness.)

The mp3 was transferred from an original RCA pressing, matrix number NE1-MM-8142.  Incidentally, the "Style A" notation on the label, I believe, indicates this is a 15 minute version of the show. I've seen Christmas Seals sets with both styles "A" and "B" transcriptions, with the A version a 15 minute show and the B style a 30 minute program by the same artist.

Next week, we'll hear the flip side of the disc featuring Fibber McGee and Molly.