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The Ohio Story - May 3, 1948

March 4th, 2017

Here’s the second episode I have in my collection from the local series, “The Ohio Story”, carried on WHBC in Canton, Ohio.  The dramatized series looked at the state’s history and was sponsored by Ohio Bell.

Blog listener Tim Lones found an original newspaper ad for the premiere of the series on September 29, 1947  - you can download it here.  And here’s a link to a WHBC Radio Tribute Page on Facebook that collects artifacts about the station.

The episode from May 3, 1948 is the story of Ohio heroine “Mad” Anne Bailey, who served as a scout in the Northwest Indian Wars.  Her grave was moved to West Virginia in 1901.

Our mp3 was transferred directly from an original 16” Audiodisc lacquer.  Like others in this group of discs from WHBC, it suffered from palmitic acid leeching.  I was able to clean it up fairly well, but you’ll hear quite a bit of hiss where the leeching impacted the playing surface of the disc.