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The Police Reporter - Pgm 13

August 12th, 2010

We're up to program 13 in our syndicated 1930s series, "The Police Reporter".  This one's a real "Believe It or Not" kind of story that looks at the true case of the convict that build Ohio's first electric chair in the 1910s.  You can read about the real case in an November 1931 article from the Reading Eagle, a Pennsylvania newspaper.

transcription label

I've got 26 episodes from the series and it looks like it may have been designed to be syndicated in 13-episode blocks.  In this episode, the announcer asks listeners to write in requesting true crime stories they'd like to hear and he lists the cast for the series:  Noreen Gammill, C. Whitney Sheeley, Hugh Lester, Sid Bracey, and Jack Lewis.  The cast is also announced at the end of program 26, so it might have been a way to encourage the station to run more episodes based on letters from listeners.

The show was transferred from an original shellac Radio Release, Ltd transcription, pressed by Allied Recording in Hollywood, matrix number A-1072.