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Walkie-Talkie - June 22, 1945

May 14th, 2015

Once in a while I run into a little mystery on ebay and take a chance on a disc.  This one popped up recently and I couldn’t figure out what the heck it was.  It’s a one-sided NBC Reference Recording  dated June 22, 1945 and titled “Walkie-Talkie”.  Looking through the Lantern database, Goldin, and other sources, I didn’t see any references to a show with this title and wondered if it was something done with or about walkie-talkies.


It’s actually a daily afternoon Blue-ABC network program carried on the West Coast.  Hosted by Don Norman, the show would travel to different locations each week for interviews.  This episode, the last in a week featuring Hollywood gossip columnists, is live from the Brown Derby in Hollywood with guest Jimmy Starr, a twenty-year veteran newspaper columnist covering the Hollywood scene.  Jimmy talks about what it takes to break into the movies, getting Gable started in the business and other topics (including the recent fall of the “H” in the Hollywoodland sign) and we briefly hear a vice president at Blue-ABC speaking from a nearby booth.

This was during the period when NBC Blue was transitioning into the American Broadcasting Company after NBC was forced to sell their second network.  In fact, this show was broadcast just a few days after the identity of the network was officially changed to ABC on June 15.  So, here we have an ABC show preserved on an NBC-labeled transcription.  The show is sustained and we hear a public service announcement for V-Mail and the ABC id at the end of the program.

Anyone else run into other episodes of this series?

Our mp3 was dubbed direct from a one-sided NBC Reference Recording lacquer numbered R-22370.  Incidentally, this lacquer looks rather odd - the lacquer itself is a forest green color.