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World Program Service - Disc 174

November 26th, 2009

Well, since Thanksgiving is behind us, I think I can safely start a bit of Christmas programming.  You're in for a treat over the next few weeks as I post some Christmas shows you've probably never heard before.

These half-hour dramas are part of a series put together by the World Program Service as part of their library transcription package for local stations.  Usually, these packages consisted mostly of music to use in shows or as filler or jingles for use on programs and commercials.

transcription label

However, they also included in the library package a series of Christmas dramas with famous stars that could be programmed by local stations during the holiday season.  Disc 174 is "Christmas Lane", an original Christmas season drama starring Pat O'Brien.  O'Brien plays a cop who saves a young man from a life of crime in the spirit of the holidays.  There's no intro for the show; it would have been provided by your local announcer, no doubt passing along holiday wishes from a department store or other local business.

The show was transferred from original red vinyl World Program Service vertical cut transcription, matrix numbers BB-50172-A1 and BB-50173-A1.  My apologies for the skip and groove damage in the last few minutes of the show.

A special tip of the hat to listener Michael Utz for his donation of this series of discs to my collection.