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World Program Service - Disc 325

December 10th, 2009

Now, another entry in a series of Christmas-themed dramas from the World Program Service.  This series of discs was part of a package distributed to local stations as part of a station library package.  Usually, these discs contain music, jingles and the occasional dramatic reading.

transcription label

Disc 325 is "These The Humble", a fully produced half-hour Christmas drama starring Joe E. Brown.  The story concerns a nightclub performer that's down on his luck at Christmas.The show was transferred from a red vinyl World Program Service transcription, matrix numbers BB-51848-B1 and BB-58149-B1.  The original is rather scratchy, so I've run it through some noise reduction software to improve the sound.

Two more discs from this series will be posted on the blog as we approach Christmas.