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World Program Service - Pgm 275

December 4th, 2009

This week, the second in a series of Christmas-themed old time radio shows you probably haven't heard before.  They're part of a station library package released by World Program Service in the 1940s and feature well-known actors and actresses in holiday related shows that could be run on a local station during the season.

transcription label

Disc 275 in the set is the drama "His Wonders to Perform".  Dorothy Lamour, taking a break from going "on the road" with Hope and Crosby, plays a woman who has to choose between her singing career and her family life.  With the holidays approaching and a child involved, I think I know what she'll decide...

The program was transferred from a red vinyl vertical cut World Program Service transcription, matrix numbers BB-50971-A1 and BB-50972-A1.

Again, my special thanks to listener Michael Utz for his donation of these World Program Service transcriptions to my collection.