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Adventures of Dick Cole - Pgm 24, circa 1946

July 12th, 2008

"The Adventures of Dick Cole" was a juvenile adventure program syndicated in the 1940s based on a feature in Blue Bolt Comics.  I've found references that indicate the show was initially recorded and distributed in 1942 and the RadioGOLDINdex dates a run to 1946.  The program stars Leon Janney as Dick Cole and features Paul Luther announcing and Lew White on organ.

Program 24, which deals with a gang of bank robbers using walkie-talkies to plan robberies, appears to be uncirculated and probably dates from circa 1946 since it references the portable radios being developed during the War.

"The Firesign Theater" did some wonderful parodies of this style of kids programming with their Porgie Tirebiter sketches in the late 1960s, inspired by "Archie" and "The Aldrich Family".  This is a wonderfully goofy, charming little show in its own way, a product of a very different time with it's "Golly, gee whiz" attitude and peppy little "rah rah" school song.  It sounds as thought Dick Cole and the policeman could use a lesson in police brutality and Miranda rights - the cop invites Dick to beat information out of one of the crooks at one point in the show.  And, at the end of the story, the boys turn down the reward and give it to Farr Academy for scholarships.  A very different time, indeed.

The show, produced by Batten Barton, Durstine and Osborne, has been transferred from two original red vinyl transcriptions with paste-over Muzak labels; Goldin notes the show as being originally syndicated by Charles Michelson.

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