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The Whistler, AFRS Pgm 211, Jan 27, 1952 - Borrowed Byline

July 18th, 2008

"The Whistler" is a popular otr mystery anthology series that was on CBS for several years. Here we offer an Armed Forces Radio Service version of a show that's in circulation in its network version; this particular AFRS version of the program survives in remarkable condition and is near hi-fi in quality.

AFRS program 211, "Borrowed Byline", was originally broadcast January 27, 1952 on CBS. The story concerns a reporter who is drawn into a scheme involving deception and murder in Hong Kong. A small part of the show might sound familiar - if you listen closely around the six minute mark, they use a library sound effects recording of boat sounds in a harbor; it's the same record used in the Welles broadcast of "War of the Worlds" where the announcer is on top of the "broadcasting station" and the killer gas envelopes the city.

The show was transferred from an original Armed Forces Radio vinyl transcription.

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