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KGW, Portland - 620 Matinee excerpt - November, 1948

July 1st, 2009

Here's a short bit of rare local programming I discovered on the flip side of a lacquer transcription, an excerpt from a local show probably only saved because an engineer was testing out some equipment.

From KGW, Portland, we offer a few minutes of "620 Matinee", a morning music program featuring local musicians.  The show appears to date from November 1948.  The recording starts out with the NBC id and chimes from the end of a network program.  Then we hear the local ID, program opening, a song and some commercials.  The excerpt includes ads for a local dentist, John H. Miller, and for Richard L. Neuberger who was running for the Oregon State Senate at the time.

According to Wikipedia, Mel Blanc started at KGW and was featured on a variety program on the station from 1927 to 1933.  The station took on the call letters KPOJ in 2003 after several call sign changes in the 1990s.

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