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Henry Morgan - Pgm 20

June 18th, 2010

I'm pleased to offer up on the blog an episode of "The Henry Morgan Show", a kind of hard to find series.  Morgan had a difficult relationship with his sponsors in the radio era, often very pointedly satirizing their products on his show.  You might think of him as a more mean spirited Fred Allen.  Gerald Nachman, author of "Raised on Radio" noted, "If Fred Allen bit the hand that fed him, Henry Morgan tried to bite off the whole arm."

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Program 20 in the series as broadcast on the Armed Forces Radio Service was originally heard November 5, 1947 on ABC.  Gerard (Arnold Stang), Henry's friend from New York, talks about his visit to Hollywood.  Lorraine Burton and her cocker spaniel Dooley sing "Sugar Blues" and "Uncle Henry" reads the comics pages to the kiddies (actually, the comic ads at the bottom of the pages).  The March of Science looks at the discovery of weather and then we wrap up with a short sketch about two ad men.  The show features Bernie Green and his Orchestra.

Our program was digitized from an original AFRS vinyl transcription.  The date is from the disc matrix.

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