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Tandy Mackenzie and His Hawaiian Music - Pgm 2

September 19th, 2010

Here's the other episode I have by Hawaiian tenor Tandy Mackenzie.  In a previous post, I gave a bio of Mackenzie and some limited info on the program.  I couldn't find any listings for the series and the disc only has a blank RCA label - also adding to the mystery is the fact that the disc is pressed on shellac, unusual for RCA during this period.  The announcer on the show is the same one who worked on "Ports of Call" and, since Mackenzie was based mostly around Los Angeles, it's probably safe to assume this one was recorded in Los Angeles or Hollywood.

transcription label

I'm assuming this one is program 2 in the series since the other side seems to be noted as program "1" in the matrix.  The show was dated 1938 by the seller, probably based on the matrix numbers, which on this side is PMS-97878-1.

Thanks to Michael Utz for purchasing the disc for my collection.

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