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Show Stoppers - Pgm 19

April 19th, 2010 · Comments

"Show Stoppers" is one of those obscure little programs that seems to have slipped through the cracks over the years.  Sponsored by Koret of California, the series features guests who talk about their show-biz careers and the turning points in their lives that led to their success.  Goldin lists several programs in the series with some interesting guest stars.

transcription label

Program 19 in the series features band leader and radio host Kay Kyser talking with host Knox Manning.  Kay Kyser is best known to old time radio fans as the host of the "Kollege of Musical Knowledge" on NBC.  But, here in North Carolina, he's remembered as a loyal alumnus of the University of North Carolina and one of the key figures that helped establish UNC's public television station.  You can find an authorized biographical website at http://www.kaykyser.net/.

Our mp3 originated from an NBC Orthacoustic transcription pressed for Textile Broadcasts, Inc, 846 S. Broadway, Los Angeles 14, California.  The matrix number is HD6-MM-7306-1, which I think would put this disc being mastered in 1946.

Tags: country music · Hoosier Hot Shots · interviews

Hoosier Hot Shots Alka-Seltzer Show - Pgm 52

July 2nd, 2008 · Comments

Another entry in the Hoosier Hot Shots five minute program series sponsored by Alka Seltzer and probably dating from the late 1930s.

In program 52, the Hoosier Hot Shots perform "At Seven, Seventeen and Seventy" and "I'm Wild About Horns on Automobiles".  The program was transferred to digital from an NBC vinyl disc pressed by RCA, matrix number MS 034441.

Tags: music · Hoosier Hot Shots

Hoosier Hot Shots Alka-Seltzer Show - Pgm 51

July 2nd, 2008 · Comments

Here's something of a rarity, a five minute musical show featuring the Hoosier Hot Shots and sponsored by Alka-Seltzer.  The shows are contained on the flip side of the Vass Family five minute programs I posted a few weeks ago.  There was a Hoosier Hot Shots five minute show on the NBC network in the late 1930s, so this vinyl disc may have been used for extension spotting, with the advertiser running the show on stations not on NBC's network.

In program 51, the Hoosier Hot Shots perform "I Double Dare You" and "With Plenty of Money and You".  The show was transferred directly from an NBC 16" vinyl disc pressed by RCA, matrix number MS 034441.

Tags: music · Hoosier Hot Shots

Hoosier Hot Shots - AFRS Program 13, circa 1950

May 30th, 2008 · Comments

While the Hoosier Hot Shots are most well known for their recordings and radio activity of the 1930s and 40s, they did do a little known one season radio program in 1949-1950 for the Mutual network.  I've only run into references to a couple of shows from the series in circulation.

In program 13 in the series as it was distributed by AFRS, the Hot Shots perform "Wait at the Gate for Me Katie", "Meet Me by the Icehouse Lizzie", and "The Nuts Think They're the Berries".  Ken and Alan do "Yes, Sir, That's My Baby" on banjos; Helen Gordon sings "But None Like You" and Gil Taylor sings "September in the Rain".  For comedy, there's a sketch with a father telling a "big fish" story to his daughter and a routine about shopping performed by Gabe.  The show features Ford Pearson announcing.

The sketches were really cornpone, even for 1950, and it's odd to hear some "straight" pop musical numbers in the mix, but the Hoosier Hot Shots were still turning out some fun novelty numbers even at this late date.

Tags: music · comedy · variety · Hoosier Hot Shots

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