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The Sealed Book - Pgm 5

October 29th, 2009 · Comments

Well, here's something to keep the kiddies scared on Halloween.

"The Sealed Book" was a horror program from the 1940s that was a bit of a mish-mash.  It was hosted by a "keeper of the book" that remind you of "The Hermit's Cave" or "The Witch's Tale".  And most of the scripts were originally produced on Mutual's series, "The Mysterious Traveler".  The show isn't particularly well regarded for its acting and direction, but it can be campy, gruesome fun.

transcription label

"Escape by Death" is program 5 in the series and tells the story of an elderly woman who comes to believe that her relatives are trying to kill her.  The show is dated by Goldin to April 14, 1945, and it was originally broadcast on Mutual.  According to otrsite.com's log of the series, the script was originally produced on "The Mysterious Traveler" on April 23, 1944.

The show was transferred from an original vinyl Charles Michelson transcription set, matrix numbers WOR-7-2315A and WOR-7-2315B.

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