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VE Plus 350 - April 23, 1946

August 13th, 2009 · Comments

This week's posts on the blog are devoted to the end of World War II.  August 15 marks the anniversary of VJ Day, the date when the Japanese surrender was announced, ending a long struggle by the Allies to overcome the Axis powers.  Our first post is a previously lost special program carried on NBC on April 23, 1946 to promote the United Jewish Appeal.  The program features reporter Quenton Reynolds hosting a dramatization of the plight of European Jews after the War.  Former Treasury of the Secretary Henry Morgenthau, Jr. makes some brief remarks in the program.

Recently, the otr mailing list discussed Jews on radio, prompted by the recent release of a documentary about Gertrude Berg.  Outside of news or commentary programs, dramatic shows that address the dislocation and suffering of the Jews during the War seem to be relatively rare.  The Goldbergs, however, did include material about current events in Germany and Europe that impacted Jews.

"VE Plus 350" was transferred from an original unlabeled line-check laquer recorded at KGW, Portland and includes the NBC network id and chimes.  According to newspaper listings from the period, the program was broadcast at 7:45 pm Eastern on the some outlets on the network and at 10:15 pm Pacific on others.

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