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Sealtest Village Store - November 15, 1945

May 16th, 2009 · Comments

I had to do some digging in John Dunning's "On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio" to figure out the background on this show.

The "Sealtest Village Store" was a followup to the "Rudy Vallee Show" and premiered in 1943 with Joan Davis in the lead and Jack Haley taking over from Vallee as the male presence on the show.  Davis carried the show so well, that she went on to her own solo series in mid-1945, leaving Haley to mind the store until he left in 1947.  Then cast member Eve Arden took over the hosting duties for a few months when she was joined by Jack Carson.  They both departed the series in 1948 with Arden getting the plum role of the sardonic schoolteacher in "Our Miss Brooks".

transcription label

Sounds confusing, doesn't it?  Well, it does make confirming dates for the show much easier.

This show appears to date from November 15, 1945, according to the info on the vinyl trail-out of the transcription, and comes from the period when Jack Haley was the headliner on the program.  In this episode, Jack promises to find a place for George Raft to sleep during the housing shortage in exchange for a new suit. The show features Jack Haley, Eve Arden, and guest George Raft.  It appears to be a lost/uncirculated episode of the series.

The program was transferred to mp3 format from an original vinyl AFRS transcription where the program was substituted for an episode of the "Joan Davis Show".

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