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How Not to Ship a Transcription

December 3rd, 2017 · Comments

Today's sad arrival in the mail and the packaging it came in. Please shed a tear for my broken invitation to the NY World's Fair.

Believe it or not, after several years of receiving radio transcriptions and records by mail, this is only the second one I've received that was broken or damaged in transit.

If you're wanting to ship a transcription, keep in mind that many of these discs are both larger than modern vinyl records (and more suseptable to bending when placed in shipping bins) and made of composite plastics that break when they are bent.

The best way to ship a transcription is to place the disc between two or four pieces of cardboard, as this seller did, but to take the additional step of putting that "sandwich" in a larger box, surrounded by packing material.

This particular broadcast is listed at Goldin's website, but I haven't seen a transfer circulating among collectors.  Here's hoping the one listed at Goldin still exists, unbroken, and can be transferred in the future.


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Strike It Rich - unknown date

December 28th, 2016 · Comments

In this post, the first half of an episode of the daytime game show “Strike It Rich” heard on NBC from 1950 to 1957.

“Strike It Rich” was a controversial program - the premise is that people went on the show with their hard-luck stories and tried to win money for something they needed.  This episode includes a Fayetteville, NC 81st Airborne soldier, Pvt. George Motz, back from Korea wanting to win money to buy cigarettes for his pals and an anonymous student nurse from Murfreesboro, Tennessee wanting to use her winnings to buy gifts for patients in a hospital.  Commercials are for Colgate-Palmolive products and your host is Warren Hull.

Based on the contents, including a reference to the Battle of Inchon, the show probably dates from 1951 or ’52.

It’s only the first half of the program, probably recorded from the network line by a local station for time-shifting.  Despite being on the air for several years, very few episodes of “Strike It Rich” survive, so I doubt this one is in circulation.

There’s no picture for this entry - it’s just an unlabeled 16” Audiodisc laquer.  The other side sounds like some kind of speech given at a local women’s club.


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Interview by Joe Web - 11-20-2016

November 22nd, 2016 · Comments

Over the weekend, I got to meet old time radio researcher Joe Webb.  Joe interviewed me about my radio transcription collection and the blog.  Here's his post about the interview on the Old Time Radio Researchers group on Facebook:

"Today I had the pleasure of interviewing transcription disc collector and expert Randy Riddle. This is an unrehearsed discussion in a shopping mall food court. Randy did not know my questions beforehand for the expected 20 minute discussion which turned into almost 50 minutes. There are two copies of the mp3 files for download; one of the files is at 48kps and the other is 128kps. http://pc.cd/IWzotalK so choose whatever size file you prefer. You can hear the mall starting to come to life in the background. Randy's blog site is https://randsesotericotr.podbean.com/ and some of the shows mentioned are at https://randsesotericotr.podbean.com/e/war-of-the-worlds-an…/ and https://randsesotericotr.podbean.com/e/suspense-pgm-365-the…/ and https://randsesotericotr.podbean.com/e/police-reporter-pgm-3/"

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