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American Family Robinson - Pgm 205 - lacquer master

March 25th, 2017

Once again, we drop in on the “American Family Robinson”.  This series of posts are some more lost episodes of the program I found over the past couple of years.  You can read about this controversial series in my original post about the show.

Program 205 of the series has Aunt Leticia staging a vaudeville show for the workers of the Centerville Herald and, as usual, trying to introduce “high culture” into the proceedings.  As part of the show’s propaganda purpose, Luke goes into a little speech about keeping workers happy.

This disc is rather special - it was transferred from a 16” unlabeled green label Presto vertical cut lacquer that appears to be a master made for the program.  There’s no matrix number on the disc - just the series name and program number.

I don’t think the disc was carried through the process of plating and mastering - it doesn’t have any discoloration or other signs that it was actually used to create a metal part.  It might have been a rejected take or perhaps the script was revised and re-recorded before release or it might have been used to dub another set of lacquers used for the actual mastering process.

In the next post, an outtake from the same episode from the other side of the disc.

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