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American Family Robinson - Pgm 54

January 1st, 2010

Now our weekly installment of "American Family Robinson", a serial drama syndicated in the mid 1930s by the National Industrial Council (aka the National Association of Manufacturers) as a propaganda effort to promote conservative policies towards American business.

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Program 54 marks the beginning of a new, more serious storyline in the show.  Mr. Robinson drops in on Miss Timmons and she tries to get him to print a statement in the paper distancing herself from Bill and Gus, who made a pest of themselves at the opening of her shop.  Robinson uses his powers of persuasion to convince Miss Timmons to marry Windy Bill.  In other news, there serious trouble with the finances of the newspaper.

The show was transferred from an original acetate World Broadcasters Inc acetate transcription, matrix number 9089-4V.

The next show in the series, program 55, was posted a few months ago in the blog.  Program 56 goes up next week.

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