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American Family Robinson - Pgm 57

January 14th, 2010

Things are turning serious in Centerville as we drop in this week on Luke Robinson and his family in the mid-1930s serial, "American Family Robinson", syndicated by the National Industrial Council (aka the National Association of Manufacturers).  The show was conceived as a propaganda effort to combat Roosevelt's liberal New Deal policies and was sponsored by local business on about 300 stations.

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In program 57, the stockholders have said that if the newspaper doesn't cover a $6,000 deficit, it will have to close by the end of the week.  Editor Luke gathers everyone in the newsroom to give them the bad news, but his son and son-in-law seem ready to rise to the occasion to help save the paper.

Our show was transferred from an original World Broadcasters acetate transcription, matrix number SS 9155-1.

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