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American Radio Newsreel - Pgm 8

June 15th, 2017

Now we kick off the final posts on the blog before we go on hiatus again.

Here’s our final episode of the obscure pre-War Ayers-Prescott syndicated news series, “American Radio Newsreel”.  Program 8 in the series probably dates from January or February 1940 and appears to be previously lost.

The head of the French Bureau of Information gives his opinion on the war in Europe, the Russian-German pact, and the mistakes of 1918.  A former Nazi propaganda official, Hitler’s press secretary, is interviewed about Hitler. Benny Friedman, coach at New York City College, gives tips to football hopefuls and gives his opinion on schools funding football players. Paul Robeson is interviewed about a new play about folk hero John Henry that is headed for Broadway.  The “Woman’s Page” talks with twin women about returning from a sheik’s harem in Iraq.

Our program was transferred from an original sixteen inch Ayers-Prescott shellac transcription.

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